Don’t Be a Jerk, And You’ll Be Fine

Commenting is easy.


There’s only three steps, and they’re all pretty simple.

Number 1: Don’t do this- Just- please, for the sake of whoever’s blog you’re commenting on, don’t be rude. Even if you think you’re ten billion times better than that person, even if you think they’re a complete idiot and they’ll never get anywhere, that’s not an excuse to say so. Every good writer sucked when they started, and every decent human being wasn’t born that way. My first story was about a crime-fighting rainbow camel that was quite skilled in sword fighting. Every other word was spelled wrong. And don’t even get me started on the plot- between the tomb-robbers, legitimately psychopathic police man, and hundreds of ninjas that dropped from the “seeling”, it made absolutely no sense. But if anyone (anyone.) had told me the truth- that it was absolutely awful- I would have thought, okay, well this clearly isn’t working. And moved onto something else. So, please. Don’t be the Jerk of The Week.

Number 2: You can give the person criticism, just be nice about it. Say what you liked first. And if you absolutely hated it, try to find something you can conversationally say about their post. Like, if they had a reference to a book you loved- this is the time to bring that up. If they brought up a point that you really agreed with- now’s when you tell them that. Or even if they didn’t, you can still say “I love ____________ too, but I also like _________ a lot”. And then, when they’re feeling good, you strike them with the claws of criticism-! Just kidding. Then you politely make a suggestion for next time, and if you’re feeling jazzy, you can end it with a question. Or if you don’t know how the person will deal with your comments, putting a question is a good buffer at the end.

And finally, number 3: Don’t have spelling mistakes, or correcting someone else’s is going to seem really bad. It’s just that simple.

This is an example of a comment I left on Maya’s blog (, specifically on her “About Me” page:

Hi Maya,

I’m from the Student Blogging Challenge too. I really liked this post, and my only suggestion for next time would be to write more! Seriously. You’re starting from a really nice base, and sometimes what you think is unnecessary rambling can turn a good post into a great post.

I’m also a book nerd, and I love anime. And Harry Potter; that’s a given. What other randoms are you into? And what’s your favourite book?

Mackenzie (

(And, yes. I did say “randoms” instead of “fandoms”. At least she understood what I meant.)

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Jerk, And You’ll Be Fine

  1. Another great post, Mackenzie. I love the way you write – often out of left field. I would never have thought to write a post about commenting like you have.

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